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Permanent makeup removal in Panevezys

Permanent makeup is a popular alternative to regular makeup.

The service is widely in demand among the fair sex because of the comfort and time savings - there is no need to sum up and tint the eyes, eyebrows, lips every day. Permanent makeup is an economical solution. You do not have to spend money on decorative cosmetics. The durability of makeup is an important plus that every woman will appreciate. Permanent eyeliner is not afraid of moisture or accidental touch by hand. It cannot be smeared or washed off.

Usually permanent makeup lasts for 3-5 years. However, fashion trends change much faster. One of the main reasons why women resort to the permanent makeup removal service in Panevezys is the loss of relevance of the once chosen look. Fashion for the shape of eyebrows, eyes and lips is changing. To look relevant, women have to get rid of permanent makeup. Another common reason for contacting a master is the unprofessional performance of permanent makeup, which does not adorn the appearance, but makes the face unnatural and unsightly. In VeAn studio, the procedure is carried out using a hardware method.

Permanent makeup removal in Panevezys
Permanent makeup removal in Panevezys

Features of the procedure

Permanent makeup removal in Panevėžys at VeAn studio is performed by laser.

Our masters use modern equipment that ensures the effectiveness and safety of the procedure. Strict observance of norms of sanitation and hygiene is the main principle of our work.

Order of procedure

Exposure to a laser beam leads to the destruction of the pigment. Pigment particles are removed from the skin tissues along with the lymph flow. The principle of permanent makeup removal in Panevėžys is based on photothermolysis technology. Laser beams selectively act on the pigment substance without affecting or damaging living tissues. Complete removal of permanent makeup requires several sessions - usually 3-5. You can coordinate with the master a convenient schedule for visiting the salon.

Clients with hypersensitivity and a lower pain threshold are given local anesthesia. As a result, discomfort during the procedure is significantly reduced. After the end of the session, the visitor receives recommendations regarding the care of the impact site. Proper care reduces the likelihood of complications and accelerates tissue healing.

Permanent makeup removal in Panevezys

Reasons to contact VeAn studio

The network of VeAn studios is widely represented in many European cities.

We have been successfully providing services in the beauty industry for over 5 years. We employ experienced masterswho have undergone professional training and constantly improve their skills. We use advanced technologies that provide high efficiency and safety for customers.

The consequences of unprofessional removal of permanent makeup in Panevezys are manifested by complications such as infection, swelling, thermal burns, hematoma. In the long term, hyperpigmentation may develop - darkening of the skin area in the affected area. Turning to professionals will help to avoid such troubles. To find out more about the cost and procedure for the procedure, come to VeAn studio. You can get a free consultation over the phone.

Permanent makeup removal in Panevezys
Permanent makeup removal in Panevezys
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