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Tattoo studio in Siauliai

"VeAn" is a tattoo studio in Siauliai with the widest range of services.

It is a meeting place for fans of artistic body modification and artists, who offer professional customer service. Our specialists strictly comply with profile standards, so we guarantee every visitor complete safety of processes, the use of modern equipment and quality consumables, individual approach. We will do our best to make your idea real, if there are no physiological obstacles.Come to learn more. Also follow us on social media not to miss events that will give a discount on all services of the tattoo studio in Siauliai "VeAn".

Tattoo studio in Siauliai
Tattoo studio in Siauliai

Why fans of tattoos, piercings, permanent makeup trust our tattoo studio in Siauliai

"VeAn", the best tattoo studio in Siauliai, employs qualified specialists:

  • Passed professional training;
  • Regularly confirming competencies at specialized competitions, festivals;
  • Fans of their work, who daily strive to popularize all directions of body modification.

Our activities are not only aimed at providing services to the residents of Šiauliai. We strive to ensure that strict standards are adopted in the segment. Only in this case, clients of all tattoo studios will be able to count on safe quality service. In the meantime, we strictly monitor compliance sanitary and hygienic standards in their own premises, we demand from the artists regular professional development.

Tattoo studio in Siauliai

"VeAn": tattoo studio services in Siauliai

Our tattoo studio in Siauliai offers the following body modifications:

  • Tattoo in different styles;
  • Permanent makeup of eyebrows, lips, face contour;
  • Restoration of a tattoo, overlapping of old drawings;
  • Tattoo on birthmarks, scars to mask them;
  • Piercing;
  • Laser removal of tattoos, permanent makeup;
  • Training of specialists.
  • You can get detailed information on any of the services during your visit to our tattoo studio in Siauliai or by phone.

Tattoo studio in Siauliai
Tattoo studio in Siauliai

Benefits of applying for a body modification service at VeAn - the best tattoo studio in Siauliai

Many "home artists" offer to "make a tattoo or a puncture."

However more and more people choose to receive a service in a professional studio, where specialists are guaranteed to comply with relevant standards and necessary hygiene standards, use high-quality equipment, approved by segment experts.

In "VeAn" all standards are strictly observed:

  • Mandatory sanitary preparation of the workplace before the next procedure;
  • Sterilization of equipment;
  • The use of disposable consumables that are extracted from packaging in the presence of the client;
  • The use of high-quality pigments;
  • The work of the specialist in gloves and a mask.

We do not hire random people. Each of our specialist regularly undergoes certification, confirming professional competencies. VeAn specialists practice an individual approach to each visitor. Any sketch from the catalog can be modified according to the wishes of the client.

Come to the best tattoo studio in Siauliai to see it for yourself.

Tattoo studio in Siauliai
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