European education with an official license - Vean Lithuania
Akreditované MŠMT České Republiky Prepare documents to work in Europe, Canada, or the USA.

We offer certified courses, after completing which you will receive not only an international certificate but also the opportunity to process documents in the USA or Canada or obtain a license allowing you to legally start a business or work in any European country.

Certified courses at VEAN.
Documented proof of knowledge.

Our courses not only provide you with knowledge but also give each of our students the opportunity to obtain a license and a recommendation letter to the USA after successfully completing the training.

These documents confirm your skills and open doors to a tattoo artist's career at the international level.

The license accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic (Akreditované MŠMT České Republiky) is recognized in all European countries. This means that you have broad employment prospects and can work in any European Union country. A recommendation letter significantly enhances your competitiveness in the U.S. market, providing access to one of the world's largest tattoo markets.

The recommendation letter from VEAN Tattoo is issued upon request and confirms your professionalism to potential employers or clients, especially in the USA and Canada. We actively develop our connections in these markets, providing our graduates with additional opportunities for career growth. The letter details key aspects of your training and skills, making it a valuable tool for advancing your career.

By training at VEAN Tattoo, you confirm your professionalism in the fields of tattooing, piercing, and permanent makeup internationally and gain real benefits:

  • Prestige and Trust: Your license and VEAN Tattoo diploma serve as proof of your competence and professionalism, increasing your status in the eyes of clients and employers.
  • Employment Opportunities: With a license recognized in all European countries, you can count on a wide range of work opportunities in various tattoo studios and schools across the continent.
  • Expanded Access to the American Market: A recommendation letter opens up additional opportunities for you in the U.S. market, allowing you to stand out among numerous professionals.

We guarantee that training at VEAN Tattoo will be your step toward a successful international career in the tattoo and body art industry.

VIP course
Theoretical part
  • Basic/standard course theory +
  • Anesthesia: all the pros and cons. Primary, secondary.
  • Voltage, needle outlet/inlet, direction.
  • Features of color tattoos.
  • Tattoo removal: what you need to know.
  • Needle technique: inclination, penetration depth, angle, etc.
  • Working with tattoo machines: setting up, adjustment and maintenance.
  • Choosing a place with a mentor.
  • Recycling of consumables.
  • Work with dense WB coloration.
Practical part
  • Working out the sketch on artificial leather: simple sketches, contours, inscriptions - at the student’s choice.
  • Work with color and contour.
  • Study of new tattoo techniques.
  • The full development of any style (optional).
  • Consumables are included in the training fee.
  • Individual class schedule.
  • Working on models with a master.
  • Possibility of additional models for practice.
  • An opportunity to visit the studio and see the work of the master not only during the course days.
  • Personal manager who will answer any question.
  • A private chat with support of masters with great experience.
  • Video library with lessons and tips from top masters of the network.
  • Priority in employment.
  • Discount up to 15% in our store, testing equipment before buying.
  • 50% discount on renting a place in any country where there is our studio.
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