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Lip piercing
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Types of lip piercing
and their features

Lips can say a lot about a person.

And if you decorate them with piercing, they will say much more. Punctures in this area are popular. Stylish accessory and non-verbal form of self-expression in one decoration.

The puncture process is as follows:

  • Choose the type of decoration. Our masters use titanium as a basic material for fresh piercing.
  • The piercer disinfects the hands, the working surfaces and the tool. He/she also uses disposable gloves.
  • With the help of a marker, the specialist indicates the point of future puncture, which agrees with the client.
  • After treating a necessary zone with a disinfectant, the piercer creates a hole and places the jewelry in it.
  • The last stage - consultation from the master and receiving further instructions on aftercare.

Lip piercings
Lip piercings
Lip piercings

The most common accessories for lip piercing are:

  • Segment rings capable of transforming into parts. This option greatly facilitates the process of removing and replacing the decoration.
  • Bananas and micro bananas - products in the form of a curved rod with colorful balls along the edges.
  • Classic earrings and carnations.
  • Circulars. This accessory looks like a threaded ring.
  • Labrets are designed to be versatile, just like the barbell. Instead of a rounded bead at the back of the earring, with labret earrings, you'll find a flat back, making them super comfortable.

Consider the most interesting and popular types of piercing. For the convenience of divided into two groups - single and multiple piercing.

Lip piercings
Lip piercings

Single piercing

A single puncture in the lip area is considered a classic, giving the face charm and mystery.

It involves creating one puncture on the upper or lower lip. The decorations can be placed in the corners of the lips or centered, creating a great variability for you.

  1. Monroe
    1. The lip puncture, named after the American actress and sex symbol Marilyn Monroe, is canonically applied to the right side of the upper lip. The optimal type of decoration: labrets equipped with a long bar. Over time, the length of the decoration is customized for a person. Average healing time: It may take at least 2-3 months to fully recover. Pain level: moderate.
  2. Ashley
    1. Although most people pierce the skin around their mouth, Ashley’s piercing involves puncturing the lips directly. The entry point of the decoration is in the center of the lower lip, and the exit point is in the back, inside your mouth. This piercing looks fantastic. It also looks good with makeup. The decoration is often supplemented by decorative elements such as stones or minerals. Optimal type of decoration: For Ashley’s piercing, it is better to choose a jewelry with a straight pin and a flat lining. The length of the new accessory must be small, so that its end does not touch the lip and rub against the teeth and gums. Average healing time: 2-3 months. Pain level: medium. It is important to keep in mind that the use of lipstick will have to be eliminated during the full healing period.
  3. Madonna
    1. This type of single puncture is the exact opposite of Monroe. It is applied to the upper lip on the left. Optimal type of decoration: labrets equipped with a long bar. Average healing time: Similar to Monroe’s piercings, the puncture heals up to 2-3 months. Pain level: predominantly moderate.

Lip piercings
Lip piercings
Lip piercings
  1. Labret
    1. Labret is a vertical or horizontal lip piercing. Its name came from the same decoration. The labret can be formed on both the lower and upper lip. Vertical piercing passes through the center of the lip, while horizontal - diagonally. This is one of the most popular types of punctures. Also, labret is quite inexpensive and easy to perform type of piercing. The optimal type of decoration: all kinds of labrets, bananas and micro bananas. Average healing time: about 6-8 weeks. Pain level: varies from mild discomfort to moderate pain.
  2. Meduza
    1. The piercing is located in the center under the nose, in a small groove above the upper lip. Its name is due to the visual similarity with the jellyfish. Many choose this version of the puncture, as it is able to emphasize the shape of the lips and make a vivid impression on others. The optimal type of decoration: labres and classic carnations. Average healing time: varies from 6 months to a year. Pain level: moderate.
  3. Multiple piercing
    1. Double or multiple lip puncture is a bold solution that involves the use of geometric proportions and symmetry principles. This modification makes the face more expressive and involves two or more punctures. Multiple piercing can be located on the upper or lower lip, parallel to each other or at different levels.

Lip piercings
Lip piercings
  1. Angel bite
    1. Also known as angel kiss, this piercing requires piercing the upper lip on both sides. He’s combining Monroe and Madonna’s piercings into one composition. Optimal type of decoration: labrets equipped with a long bar. Average healing time: 3-4 months. Level of pain: moderate. However, the presence of several punctures can intensify unpleasant sensations.
  2. Dog bite
    1. The piercing of a dog bite is quite bright and causing. It consists of four punctures in the lip area. Two points on both sides of the upper and lower lip. As a result, the decorations are symmetrically arranged four corners of the mouth. Optimal type of decoration: Labrets. Average healing time: Varies between 8 and 12 months. Pain level: medium.
  3. Dolphin bite
    1. This type of piercing involves the use of two decorations. They are located next to each other, in the center under the lower lip. This is a rather restrained kind of puncture, prone to rapid and comfortable healing. Optimal type of decoration: Labrets. Average healing time: 6-8 weeks. Pain level: medium.

Lips in piercing culture offer a wide range of creative possibilities. From classic single puncture to bold combinations, each variety makes an incredible impression and perfectly complements your image. Lip piercing allows you to find your unique style and discover new ways for the art of self-expression.

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