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Snake Tattoo is an
unusual body beautification

If you want to make a unique tattoo that will not lose its relevance over time, you can choose a Snake tattoo.

It looks equally beautiful on the men and women. Decorate any part - hand, shoulder, back, neck, hip and other areas. It reveals the character of the person, shows individuality and preferences. Snake tattoo sketch is the perfect solution for any age category, different nationalities. It is stylish, attractive, has its meaning.

Snake Tattoo
Snake Tattoo
Snake Tattoo

What does it mean?

Some people put in this image the wisdom of generations, the inner strength of spirit, renewal, rebirth.

Others - consider the symbol of temptation, weakness, sin and passion. In any case, each person finds something in the picture. Certain traits of character or hidden sides of own soul.

Snake Tattoo
Snake Tattoo

Snake Tattoos: What
do they really mean?

Each sketch has its own meaning:

  • The snake in black shows aggression, stiffness, readiness to attack. Emphasizes the hotheaded temperament of a person.
  • The blue Snake tattoo is a symbol of wisdom, calmness and inspiration. It will help to find the right solution. To do well.
  • The white reptile has feminine features. It looks graceful, gentle, sometimes even cunning. This tattoo is considered a unisex option. On the female body it will emphasize beauty and elegance. For men it means love in general. It reveals hidden talents in a person.
  • The snake’s green tattoo sketch represents nature and the course of life. In the spiritual sense it harmonizes, helps to achieve the desired results.
  • Red reptile in fire symbolizes cunning, dexterity, stealth. This tattoo is chosen by people who have secrets or certain intentions.

The snake that crawls up means success. Down, there is peace and balance. An interesting option is the sketch of the Snake tattoo, which bites itself by the tail. Since ancient times, this meant the infinity of life, immortality, rebirth. This image is often used as a body charm, amulet. If you want to portray love and passion - it is worth choosing 2 interwoven snakes. Temptation, passion, sin is the combination of a snake and an apple.

Snake Tattoo
Snake Tattoo
Snake Tattoo

Where should I put
my snake tattoo?

  • The miniature image of the snake in black and white on the back of the head, neck, ear will look beautiful.
  • The wrist is often chosen to depict a snake as a bracelet wrapped around the arm.
  • To create the overall colorful composition is to choose such areas of the body as the back, surface of the leg or arm, shoulder. Here the master will have enough space to create masterpieces.
  • The Snake tattoo sketch on the chest, ribs, ankle, finger is also popular.

Do you want to make a spectacular tattoo? Then you should prefer the style of realism. It perfectly conveys the contours and texture of scales, overflows and shades. The snake tattoo in the traditional style will seem primitive, but it is with its simplicity it conquers the hearts of fans of the body-images.

Japanese style with the addition of bright large colors, ornaments are more popular among women because it shows tenderness, elegance and world of fantasy. Due to the dense filling of pigments of different shades, such tattoos seem to be a real work of art. They are unique, original, attract the eyes of people around.

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