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Harmony of lines
and shapes: how helix
piercing creates elegance

Helix piercing is a type of puncture located at the top of the ear cartilage.

These body modifications look very stylish and elegant, they are in perfect harmony with other accessories. This type of puncture successfully combines non-triviality and restraint.

The main advantages of this type of piercing:

  • Versatility. You can combine helix with other kinds of piercing and any decoration.
  • Bright creative expression and a possibility to show own originality.
  • Ability to select multiple places for puncture.
  • This type of piercing is not susceptible to infection. Furthermore, keeping the ear shell clean is much easier than lip piercing or puncture of nostrils.
  • Great selection of decorations.
  • The puncture procedure is carried out quite quickly. It is also financially available.
  • Comfortable healing compared to other punctures of the cartilage.
  • After healing, the jewelry can be easily hidden behind the hair. This is especially convenient in cases where the specialty or company policy requires it.
helix piercing
helix piercing
helix piercing

Now let’s talk about shortcomings:

  • Healing time. The process of full recovery of damaged areas can take 6 to 12 months, and in some cases it might be longer. Not everyone is ready to regularly aftercare for a puncture during this time.
  • Rejections are possible. Sometimes the body rejects the decorations like a foreign body. However, this can be avoided thanks to the titanium jewelry that our masters use.
helix piercing
helix piercing

How is piercing performed?

Before starting the procedure, the piercer together with the client selects the optimal decoration.

The master also inspects the working surface, discusses the condition and healing time of the skin. For helix, disposable needles of 16 or 18, 1.2- and 1-mm diameter are used. The appropriate size depends on the thickness of the customer’s cartilage.

The puncture moment involves the following steps:

  • Disinfection of the hands and work surfaces. After treatment, the piercer wears disposable gloves.
  • Next, you select a place to pierce, which is indicated by a marker. This is necessary to ensure accuracy. the client agrees or rejects the place of the future puncture.
  • The next step is ear disinfection.
  • The piercer injects through the marked point the needle and sets the decoration of small size.
  • At the end, the master answers the questions and also gives instructions for further aftercare.

helix piercing
helix piercing
helix piercing

and common mistakes

To heal as comfortable as possible, efficiently and without bad consequences, you should follow the following instructions:

  • Every three days, the pillow case should be replaced with a fresh and clean one;
  • If the piercing was done in the cold season(winter), the headgear must also be washed every third day;
  • It is important to regularly process the puncture place with chlorhexidine;
  • Limit ear and hair contact. To do this, you can use elastic bands, scrunchies or cosmetics to style hair on the other side of the head.
  • Keep an eye on the quality and regularity of the food. It is also important to drink enough water.
  • Do not wet the puncture in the first 2-3 days.
  • You cannot remove and change the decoration yourself.
  • Limit the affected area to cosmetics.
  • You should not scroll the ornament, because there you will slow down the healing process.

If you have any complications or concerns about the condition of the new modification, do not hesitate and see a doctor or a master.

helix piercing
helix piercing

Do not take a bath, do not go to the saunas and ponds for the first few months after the puncture.

Swimming pools, lakes, oceans, saunas are all environments for bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. Through water, they can easily get into your piercing and infect it, provoking the consequences of varying degrees of severity.

helix piercing
helix piercing
helix piercing
Do piercings hurt?

As for cartilage piercing, helix is considered one of the least painful.

This is because the cartilage in this area of the ear is quite thin. Depending on the individual threshold of pain, clients rate this piercing at 4-7 points out of 10. However, the unpleasant feelings do not last long. The tolerance to pain in everyone is different, so it is quite normal that you can experience more or less unpleasant sensations than your acquaintances with a similar puncture.

Helix piercing is not only a stylish accessory, but also an extravagant form of expression. It looks elegant and harmonious, easily combined with other decorations and gives the ear a unique look. And although the healing process may take a long time, it is definitely worth it.

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